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I Lille


How To Rescue Tech Migrants From Brexit


What I'll talk about...

  • Probably a lot of Brits looking to escape the UK soon
  • What life is like for digital nomads
  • How to on-board developers, especially Brits
  • What we do at We Got Coders
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Escape from UK

What could possibly appeal to British web developers?


What was it like to join a French company as a Brit?

Language barrier

Ceci n'est pas une pipe


Qwerty keyboard layout
azerty keyboard layout

Other things:

  • Terminology: CDI / CDD
  • Cultural: lunch breaks
  • Team Discussions: Pair Programming

What appeals to digital nomads?

Pull Factors

  • Flexible / remote working
  • Culture
  • Life Goals: Learn a language
  • Time for learning, side projects
  • Help with relocation, putting down roots
  • Help exploring the surrounding area
  • Playing an important role in your team
  • Good coding environment. Quiet, relaxing fun…

Does it live up to the hype?


What T4HWW actually says:

  1. How to define exactly what you actually want
  2. How to maximize output per hour worked
  3. Inspiration and validation of an alternate reality
  4. Being rich != Having lots of money


  1. Building an income stream is easy
  2. It’s about working 4 hours a week
  3. You can hire someone else to do your job
  4. You should be having the time of your life
  5. You have to leave home / travel
"Digital Nomad" != "Location Independent"
Location Indepdent Family
“We knew that there were plenty of places in the world where you can live on a lot less than we were earning and have the same, if not a better standard of living. So we asked ourselves: What if we left the UK for one of these places and continued to run our existing businesses?”


We Got Coders

  • Started in 2013
  • Immersive, intensive training with paid work experience
  • We train 30 web professionals a year
  • 100% of our trainees who completed the 6 month course have been made job offers as Ruby devs
  • Our goal is to be the leading provider of Web Development consultants in the UK

Our Approach

  • Full time immersive courses
  • Live-in with the team
  • Pair programming
  • Industry best-practices
  • Mentor support in work experience

Tempsford Mill

  • Grade II listed Mill House
  • On an island in Bedfordshire
  • 2 classroom facilities
  • Accommodation for 9

Yewlands House

  • Grade II listed Manor House
  • Overlooks the Lee Valley
  • 2 classroom facilities
  • Accommodation for 8

Live and Breathe Code


  1. Friendship
  2. Freedom
  3. Thought

How to On-board developers

  • Probably a lot of Brits thinking about working abroad
  • Hire them by providing:
    • Right Support
    • Mentoring
    • Pair Programming
    • Training
    • Pay them! (Forget equity)
    • Take their background into consideration

We should talk more!

  • We would love to expand to Europe
  • If you want to hire devs available on-site / remotely
  • If you're interested in a code retreat in the UK (before it's too late!)

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